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Mrs. Soffel
Mrs. Soffel
Directed By Gillian Armstrong
Written By Ron Nyswaner
Cast Diane Keaton, Mel Gibson, Matthew Modine, Terry O'Quinn, Edward Herrmann
Produced By David A. Nicksay, Scott Rudin, Edgar J. Scherick
Music By Mark Isham

United States



Release Date

December 26, 1984


88 Minutes

Rating PG-13
Distributed By


Gross $4,385,312



  • Diane Keaton as Kate Soffel
  • Mel Gibson as Ed Biddle
  • Matthew Modine as Jack Biddle
  • Edward Herrmann as Warden Peter Soffel
  • Trini Alvarado as Irene Soffel
  • Jennifer Dundas as Margaret Soffel
  • Danny Corkill as Eddie Soffel
  • Harley Cross as Clarence Soffel
  • Terry O'Quinn as Detective Buck McGovern
  • Pippa Pearthree as Maggie
  • William Youmans as Guard George Koslow
  • Maury Chaykin as Guard Charlie Reynolds
  • Joyce Ebert as Matron Agnes Garvey
  • Wayne Robson as Halliday
  • Dana Wheeler-Nicholson as Jessie Bodyne



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