Mulholland Drive
Mulholland Drive
Directed By David Lynch
Written By David Lynch
Cast Justin Theroux, Naomi Watts, Laura Harring, Ann Miller
Produced By Mary Sweeney, Alain Sarde, Neal Edelstein, Tony Krantz
Film Editing By Mary Sweeney
Cinematography By Peter Deming
Music By Angelo Badalamenti



United States



Release Date

October 12, 2001


147 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Universal Pictures

Budget $15,000,000
Gross $20,112,339



  • Naomi Watts as Betty Elms
  • Laura Harring as Rita
  • Ann Miller as Catherine 'Coco' Lenoix
  • Dan Hedaya as Vincenzo Castigliane
  • Justin Theroux as Adam Kesher
  • Brent Briscoe as Detective Neal Domgaard
  • Robert Forster as Detective Harry McKnight
  • Katharine Towne as Cynthia Jenzen
  • Lee Grant as Louise Bonner
  • Scott Coffey as Wilkins
  • Billy Ray Cyrus as Gene
  • Chad Everett as Jimmy Katz
  • Rita Taggart as Linney James
  • James Karen as Wally Brown
  • Lori Heuring as Lorraine Kesher
  • Angelo Badalamenti as Luigi Castigliani
  • Michael Des Barres as Billy Deznutz
  • Marcus Graham as Vincent Darby
  • Missy Crider as Waitress at Winkies
  • Robert Katims as Ray Hott
  • Jeanne Bates as Irene
  • Maya Bond as Ruth Elms
  • Patrick Fischler as Dan
  • Michael Cooke as Herb
  • Bonnie Aarons as Bum
  • Michael J. Anderson as Mr. Roque
  • David Schroeder as Robert Smith
  • Melissa George as Camilla Rhodes
  • Mark Pellegrino as Joe Messing
  • Vincent Castellanos as Ed
  • Rena Riffel as Laney
  • Kate Forster as Martha Johnson
  • Wayne Grace as Bob Brooker
  • Michele Hicks as Nicki Pelazza
  • Lisa K. Ferguson as Julie Chadwick
  • Elizabeth Lackey as Carol
  • Michael Fairman as Jason
  • Rebekah Del Rio as Herself
  • Elina Madison as Starlet
  • Samantha Schacher as Teenager



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