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The Mummy's Tomb
The Mummy's Tomb
Directed By Harold Young
Written By Neil P. Varnick
Cast Lon Chaney Jr., Dick Foran, John Hubbard, Elyse Knox
Produced By Ben Pivar
Film Editing By Milton Carruth
Cinematography By George Robinson


Release Date

October 23, 1942


61 Minutes

Distributed By

Universal Studios



  • Lon Chaney, Jr. as Kharis
  • Dick Foran as Stephen Banning
  • John Hubbard as Dr. John Banning
  • Elyse Knox as Isobel Evans
  • George Zucco as Andoheb
  • Wallace Ford as 'Babe' Hanson
  • Turhan Bey as Mehemet Bey
  • Virginia Brissac as Mrs. Ella Evans
  • Mary Gordon as Jane Banning
  • Paul E. Burns as Jim
  • Frank Reicher as Professor Matthew Norman



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