The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
The Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
Directed By Rob Cohen
Written By Alfred Gough, Miles Millar
Cast Brendan Fraser, Jet Li, Maria Bello, Russell Wong
Produced By Sean Daniel, Bob Ducsay, James Jacks, Stephen Sommers
Film Editing By Kelly Matsumoto, Joel Negron
Cinematography By Simon Duggan
Music By Randy Edelman

The Sommers Company, Relativity Media, Alphaville Films


United States, China, Germany


English, Mandarin, Sanskrit

Release Date

August 1, 2008


111 Minutes

Rating PG-13
Distributed By

Universal Pictures

Budget $145,000,000
Gross $401,128,639



  • Brendan Fraser as Rick O'Connell
  • Jet Li as Emperor Han
  • Maria Bello as Evelyn Carnahan O'Connell
  • John Hannah as Jonathan Carnahan
  • Luke Ford as Alex O'Connell
  • Michelle Yeoh as Zi Yuan
  • Russell Wong as General Ming Guo
  • Liam Cunningham as Mad Dog Maguire
  • Isabella Leong as Lin
  • Anthony Wong as General Yang
  • Jessey Meng as Choi
  • David Calder as Professor Roger Wilson
  • Tian Liang as Li Zhou
  • Albert Kwan as Chu Wah
  • Jacky Wu as Assassin
  • Binghua Wei as Assassin
  • Jing Guo as Assassin
  • Alison Louder as Woman in Bookstore
  • Daniel Richard Giverin as Benjamin Fry



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