My Blue Heaven
My Blue Heaven
Directed By Herbert Ross
Written By Nora Ephron
Cast Steve Martin, Rick Moranis, Joan Cusack, William Irwin
Produced By Herbert Ross, Anthea Sylbert
Film Editing By Robert M. Reitano, Stephen A. Rotter
Cinematography By John Bailey
Music By Walter Donaldson, Ira Newborn


Release Date

August 17, 1990


97 Minutes

Rating PG-13
Distributed By

Warner Bros.

Gross $23,591,472



  • Steve Martin as Vincent 'Vinnie' Antonelli
  • Rick Moranis as Barney Coopersmith
  • Joan Cusack as Hannah Stubbs
  • Melanie Mayron as Crystal Ryback
  • Bill Irwin as Kirby
  • Carol Kane as Shaldeen
  • William Hickey as Billy Sparrow/Johnny Bird
  • Deborah Rush as Linda
  • Daniel Stern as Will Stubbs
  • Jesse Bradford as Jamie
  • Corey Carrier as Tommie
  • Seth Jaffe as Umberto Mello
  • Robert Miranda as Lilo Mello
  • Ed Lauter as Robert Underwood
  • Julie Bovasso as Vinnie's Mother
  • Colleen Camp as Dr. Margaret Snow Coopersmith
  • Gordon Currie as Wally Bunting
  • Raymond O'Connor as Dino
  • Troy Evans as Nicky
  • Dick Boccelli as Rocco
  • Ron Karabatsos as Ritchie
  • Tony DiBenedetto as Benny
  • Melissa Hurley as Angela
  • Leslie Cook as Marie
  • Carol Ann Susi as Filomena
  • Frankie Gio as Gaetano



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