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My Mother Is a Belly Dancer
My Mother Is a Belly Dancer
Directed By Lee Kung-lok
Screenplay By Erica Lee, Hai Yan
Cast Kristal Tin, Gordon Lam, Andy Lau, Pasha Umer Hood
Produced By Andy Lau, Lorna Tee, Wong Ching-po, Chen On Chu
Film Editing By Cheung Kin-hung, Daniel Yu
Cinematography By Jason Kwan
Music By Paul Wong

Hong Kong



Release Date

November 9, 2006


100 Minutes

Distributed By

Focus Films



  • Cheung Wing-Hong
  • Amy Chum as Mrs. Chan
  • Pasha Umer Hood as Pasha
  • Gordon Lam as Mr. Wong
  • Andy Lau as Adili
  • Suet Lei as Mrs. Lee
  • Kristal Tin as Mrs. Wong
  • Kent Tong as Mr. Lee
  • Monie Tung as Cherry
  • Siu-kuen Wong as Street Dancer



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