My Teacher's Wife
My Teacher's Wife
Directed By Bruce Leddy
Written By Seth Greenland
Cast Jason London, Tia Carrere, Christopher McDonald
Produced By Robert N. Fried, Richard J. Zinman, Stan Wlodkowski
Film Editing By Norman Hollyn
Cinematography By Zoltan David
Music By Kevin Gilbert

Trimark Pictures, Savoy Pictures, Fried Films


United States



Release Date



89 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Savoy Pictures


Todd Boomer is a Senior in High School whose dream of going to Harvard is in danger because he is failing high school calculus. His strict, overly demanding, and tyrannical calculus teacher, Mr. Mueller vows that he will not write a recommendation letter if Boomer doesn't raise his grades significantly. Then his life turns around when he runs into the beautifully exotic Vicky one night when her car breaks down.

When it is revealed that she is incredibly skilled in mathematics and offers to tutor him, it seems all of his prayers are answered! His improved grades have even earned him the praise of Mr. Mueller who promises him the recommendation letter to Harvard. And while Vicky is helping him raise his grades in class, their student-teacher relationship is turning increasingly friendly and increasingly erotic as she begins tutoring him in more than just academics.

But their scandalous affair hits a dangerous obstacle when Boomer discovers that Vicky is not only married but to his calculating professor of calculus, Mr. Mueller. And now not only is his education but life is in jeopardy...


  • Jason London as Todd Boomer
  • Tia Carrere as Vicky Mueller
  • Christopher McDonald as Roy Mueller
  • Alexondra Lee as Kirsten Beck
  • Zak Orth as Paul Faber
  • Jeffrey Tambor as Jack Boomer
  • Leslie Lyles as Elaine Boomer
  • Joanna Canton as Kim O'Brien
  • Jep Hill as Bernie Bodean
  • Caroline Crumpler as Girl in Class
  • Karyn Beach as Nun Girl




My Teacher's Wife - Trailer

My Teacher's Wife - Trailer