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Naked Ambition 2
Naked Ambition 2
Directed By Lee Kung-lok
Written By Chan Hing-ka
Cast Chapman To, Josie Ho, Louis Koo, Candy Yuen, Anri Okita
Produced By Louis Koo, Chan Hing-ka

852 Films


Hong Kong


Cantonese, Japanese

Release Date

April 3, 2014

Distributed By

Panorama Distributions



  • Chapman To as Wyman Chan
  • Josie Ho as Shodaiko Hatoyama
  • Taka Kato as Wyman's Master
  • Candy Yuen as Wyman's Girlfriend
  • Anri Okita as L-cup
  • Tsukasa Aoi as Noriko Waiyama
  • Louis Koo as Nagasaki Naoki
  • Derek Tsang
  • Maiko Yuki
  • Nozomi Aso
  • Yui Tatsumi
  • Kana Yume
  • Sandra Ng
  • Charlene Choi



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