Naked Weapon
Naked Weapon
Directed By Tony Ching
Written By Wong Jing
Cast Maggie Q, Anya Wu, Daniel Wu, Jewel Lee, Cheng Pei-pei
Produced By Wong Jing, John Chong
Film Editing By Angie Lam
Cinematography By Choi Sung Fai
Music By Chan Kwong Wing, Ken Chan

Hong Kong


Cantonese, English

Release Date

November 15, 2002


90 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Media Asia Distribution



  • Almen Wong as Madam M
  • Maggie Q as Charlene Ching
  • Anya Wu as Katt
  • Jewel Lee as Jing
  • Daniel Wu as Jack Chen
  • Cheng Pei-pei as Faye Ching
  • Andrew Lin as Ryuichi
  • Marit Thoresen as Fiona Birch
  • Natalie Kyoko Waters as Little Katherine
  • Renee Nichole Rommeswinkel as Little Charlene Ching
  • Chia-li Mo as Little Jing
  • Monica Lo as Student Murdered in Cage



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