Natalie French
Natalie French - BTVS
General Information

Gender Female
Aliases She-Mantis
Race Giant Mantis
TV Show Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Credit Musetta Vander


A substitute biology teacher at Sunnydale High who is more than she appears to be.


Several decades ago, an English associate of Rupert Giles known as Ferris Carlyle stumbled across the existence of a gigantic insect which he dubbed the She-Mantis in some ancient Germanic tome. Carlyle however dismissed it as merely mythological nonsense until several young boys died in the Cotswolds in the manner ascribed to the She-Mantis.

Carlyle attempted to hunt down and destroy the creature but failed and was driven insane by the encounter. His ravings about the creature were dismissed, even by his friend Rupert Giles who possessed intimate knowledge of the supernatural.

A She-Mantis appeared in 1997 in Sunnydale, seeking virgin males to mate with in order to reproduce before killing them. To do so, she decided to hunt through the students at Sunnydale High School and adopted the form of a beautiful and attractive young female. She subsequently stole the identity of Natalie French, a former high school biology teacher. Born in 1907, the real Natalie French had taught high school biology for over 30 years before she retired in 1972.

Major Plots

After reprimanding Xander Harris for sleeping in his class, the biology teacher at Sunnydale High, Mr. Gregory is mysteriously slain by a mysterious creature.

The next day, the absent Mr. Gregory is subbed by Ms. French who turns all of the boys' heads and has a strange fascination with discussing the preying mantis. A short time later, Mr. Gregory's headless body is discovered to Buffy Summers' horror as he had been her favorite teacher. Afterwards, Buffy vows to find and slay whatever it was that killed him.

She tricked Blayne Moll and then Xander Harris into coming to her house for some "one-on-one" sessions for extra credit. She was subsequently killed by Buffy Summers who rescued Blayne and Xander before she could kill them.

Personality and Traits

The She-Mantis was a shapeshifter who could assume a humanoid body for disguise. In both her natural insect and human forms, she could rotate her head 180 degrees.



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