New Police Story
New Police Story
Directed By Benny Chan
Written By Alan Yuen
Cast Jackie Chan, Nicholas Tse, Charlene Choi, Daniel Wu
Produced By Benny Chan, Jackie Chan, Willie Chan, Barbie Tung, Solon So
Film Editing By Yau Chi-wai
Cinematography By Anthony Pun
Music By Tommy Wai

Hong Kong



Release Date

September 23, 2004


124 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

JCE Movies Limited, Emperor Motion Pictures, China Film Group Corporation



  • Jackie Chan as Senior Inspector Chan Kwok Wing
  • Nicholas Tse as Frank Cheng Siu-fung
  • Charlie Yeung as Sun Ho-yee
  • Daniel Wu as Joe Kwan
  • Charlene Choi as Sa Sa
  • Dave Wong as Sam Wong Sum
  • Hayama Go as Max Leung
  • Terence Yin as Fire
  • Yu Rongguang as Commander Chiu Chan
  • Coco Chiang as Sue Chow
  • Andy On as Law Tin-tin
  • Liu Kai-chi as Chief Tai
  • John Shum as Eric Chow
  • Ken Lo as Kwong
  • Asuka Higuchi as Kwong's Wife
  • Steven Cheung as Green-haired Thief
  • Kenny Kwan as Red-haired Thief
  • Deep Ng as Rocky
  • Tony Ho as Chui
  • Timmy Hung as Tin Ming
  • Sammy Hung as Tin Chiu
  • Carl Ng as Carl
  • Andrew Lin as Hoi
  • Samuel Pang as Sam
  • Philip Ng as Philip
  • Winnie Leung as Female Hostage
  • Eric Kwok as Male Hostage
  • Mandy Chiang as Chui's Girlfriend



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