Nickelodeon 1976
Directed By Peter Bogdanovich
Written By Peter Bogdanovich, W.D. Richter
Cast Burt Reynolds, Ryan O'Neal, Tatum O'Neal, John Ritter
Produced By Robert Chartoff, Frank Marshall, Irwin Winkler
Film Editing By William C. Carruth
Cinematography By Laszlo Kovacs
Music By Richard Hazard

Columbia Pictures, EMI Films, British Lion Films


United Kingdom, United States



Release Date

December 21, 1976


121 Minutes

Rating PG
Budget $9,000,000



  • Ryan O'Neal as Leo Harrigan
  • Burt Reynolds as Buck Greenway
  • Tatum O'Neal as Alice Forsyte
  • Jane Hitchcock as Kathleen Cooke
  • Brian Keith as H.H. Cobb
  • Stella Stevens as Marty Reeves
  • John Ritter as Franklin Frank
  • Brion James as Bailiff
  • Sidney Armus as Judge
  • Joe Warfield as Defense Attorney
  • Lorenzo Music as Mullins
  • Jeffrey Byron as Steve
  • Priscilla Pointer as Mabel
  • Philip Bruns as Duncan
  • Frank Marshall as Dinsdale's Assistant
  • Harry Carey, Jr. as Dobie
  • James Best as Jim
  • George Gaynes as Reginald Kingsley
  • M. Emmet Walsh as "Father" Logan
  • Miriam Byrd-Nethery as Aunt Lula
  • Les Josephson as The Nickelodeon Bouncer
  • Griffin O'Neal as Boy on a Bicycle
  • Hamilton Camp as Blacker



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