Night Shift
Night Shift
Directed By Ron Howard
Written By Lowell Ganz, Babaloo Mandel
Cast Henry Winkler, Shelley Long, Michael Keaton, Clint Howard
Produced By Brian Grazer
Film Editing By Mike Hill, Daniel P. Hanley, Robert James Kern
Cinematography By James Crabe
Music By Burt Bacharach, David Foster, Carole Bayer Sager

The Ladd Company


United States



Release Date

July 30, 1982


106 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Warner Bros.

Gross $23,600,000



  • Henry Winkler as Chuck Lumley
  • Michael Keaton as Bill Blazejowski
  • Shelley Long as Belinda Keaton
  • Gina Hecht as Charlotte Koogle
  • Pat Corley as Edward Koogle
  • Bobby Di Cicco as Leonard
  • Nita Talbot as Vivian
  • Basil Hoffman as Drollhauser
  • Tim Rossovich as Luke
  • Clint Howard as Jefferey
  • Cheryl Carter as Tanya
  • Becky Gonzalez as Lupe
  • Corki Corman as Sylvia
  • Jaid Barrymore as Joyce
  • Ava Lazar as Sharon
  • Robbin Young as Nancy
  • Ola Ray as Dawn
  • Cassandra Gava as J.J.
  • Mimi Lieber as Linda
  • Ashley Cox as Jenny Lynn
  • Elizabeth Carder as Dolores
  • Dawn Dunlap as Maxine
  • Jeanne Mori as Marsha
  • K.C. Winkler as Cheryl
  • Catherine Gilmour as Kim
  • Monique Gabrielle as Tessie



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