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Night Train to Paris
Night Train to Paris
Directed By Robert Douglas
Written By Henry Cross
Cast Leslie Nielsen, Aliza Gur, Edina Ronay, Hugh Latimer
Produced By Robert L. Lippert, Jack Parsons
Film Editing By Robert Winter
Cinematography By Arthur Lavis
Music By Kenny Graham

United Kingdom



Release Date

September 23, 1964


65 Minutes

Distributed By

20th Century Fox



  • Leslie Nielsen as Alan Holiday
  • Aliza Gur as Catherine Carrel
  • Dorinda Stevens as Olive Davies
  • Eric Pohlmann as Krogh
  • Edina Ronay as Julie
  • Andre Maranne as Louis Vernay
  • Cyril Raymond as Insp. Fleming
  • Stanley Morgan as Plainclothesman
  • Hugh Latimer as Jules Lemoine
  • Jenny White as Vernay's Model
  • Jack Melford as PC Inspector
  • Trevor Reid as Policeman on Train



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