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The Ninth Gate
The Ninth Gate
Directed By Roman Polanski
Screenplay By Roman Polanski, Enrique Urbizu, John Brownjohn
Cast Johnny Depp, Lena Olin, Frank Langella, James Russo
Produced By Roman Polanski
Film Editing By Herve de Luze
Cinematography By Darius Khondji
Music By Wojciech Kilar



United States, France, Spain


English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Latin

Release Date

August 25, 1999


133 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Artisan Entertainment, Araba Films, Bac Films

Budget $38,000,000
Gross $58,401,898



  • Johnny Depp as Dean Corso
  • Lena Olin as Liana Telfer
  • Frank Langella as Boris Balkan
  • Emmanuelle Seigner as The Girl
  • James Russo as Bernie Rothstein
  • Jack Taylor as Victor Fargas
  • Jose Lopez Rodero as Pablo & Pedro Ceniza
  • Allen Garfield as Witkin
  • Barbara Jefford as Baroness Frida Kessler
  • Willy Holt as Andrew Telfer
  • Maria Ducceshi as The Secretary



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