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Not of This Earth
Not of This Earth 1957
Directed By Roger Corman
Written By Charles B. Griffith, Mark Hanna
Cast Beverly Garland, Paul Birch, Morgan Jones, Dick Miller
Produced By Roger Corman
Film Editing By Charles Gross
Cinematography By John J. Mescall
Music By Ronald Stein

United States



Release Date

February 10, 1957


67 Minutes

Distributed By

Allied Artists

Budget $100,000
Gross $1,000,000



  • Paul Birch as Paul Johnson
  • Beverly Garland as Nadine Storey
  • Morgan Jones as Harry Sherbourne
  • William Roerick as Dr. F.W. Rochelle
  • Jonathan Haze as Jeremy Perrin
  • Dick Miller as Joe Piper
  • Anna Lee Carroll as Davanna Woman
  • Pat Flynn as Simmons
  • Roy Engel as Sgt. Walton
  • Tamar Cooper as Joanne



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