Not of This Earth
Not of This Earth 1988
Directed By Jim Wynorski
Written By Jim Wynorski, Mark Hanna, Charles B. Griffith
Cast Traci Lords, Arthur Roberts, Kelli Maroney, Ace Mask
Produced By Jim Wynorski, Roger Corman
Film Editing By Kevin Tent
Cinematography By Zoran Hochstatter
Music By Chuck Cirino

United States



Release Date

May 13, 1988


81 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By




  • Traci Lords as Nadine Story
  • Arthur Roberts as Mr. Johnson
  • Ace Mask as Dr. Rochelle
  • Lenny Juliano as Jeremy
  • Roger Lodge as Harry
  • Kelli Maroney as Nurse Oxford
  • Michael Delano as Vacuum Cleaner Salesman
  • Rebecca Perle as Davanna Girl
  • Monique Gabrielle as Agnes
  • Becky LeBeau as Happy Birthday Girl
  • Roxanne Kernohan as Lead Hooker
  • Ava Cadell as Second Hooker
  • Cynthia Thompson as Third Hooker
  • Taaffe O'Connell as Dameia
  • Lynn Theel as Peggy Larson
  • Mary Woronov as Mary McQueen
  • Angel Tompkins as Davanna Girl (voice)



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