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Novocaine 2001
Directed By David Atkins
Screenplay By David Atkins
Cast Steve Martin, Laura Dern, Helena Bonham Carter
Produced By Daniel M. Rosenberg, Paul Mones
Film Editing By Melody London
Cinematography By Vilko Filac
Music By Steve Bartek

United States



Release Date

September 8, 2001


95 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Artisan Entertainment

Budget $6,000,000
Gross $2,036,682



  • Steve Martin as Dr. Frank Sangster
  • Helena Bonham Carter as Susan Ivey
  • Laura Dern as Jean Noble
  • Elias Koteas as Harlan Sangster
  • Scott Caan as Duane Ivey
  • Lynne Thigpen as Pat
  • JoBe Cerny as Wayne Ponze
  • Preston Maybank as Melvin Gelding
  • Kevin Bacon as Lance Phelps
  • Keith David as Detective Lunt
  • Teri Cotruzzola as Attractive Complaining Patient
  • Sally Kao as Chinese Wife
  • Quincy Wong as Chinese Husband
  • Lucina Paquet as Mrs. Langston
  • Tyler Rostenkowski as Billy
  • Karol Kent as Detective Lily Pons
  • Eric Lane as Officer Chuck Smith



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