Nudity Required
Nudity Required
Directed By John T. Bone
Written By John T. Bone, Daniel Benton
Cast Julie Newmar, Billy Frank, Alvin Silver, Brad Zutaut
Produced By Ron Lavery, Frank Rubin, John T. Bone, Ted Sirota
Cinematography By Tom Ingalls
Music By Gabriel Katona

United States



Release Date

December 4, 1990


90 Minutes

Rating R



  • Julie Newmar as Irina
  • Billy Frank as Buddy
  • Brad Zutaut as Scammer
  • Troy Donahue as Jack
  • Alvin Silver as Vinnie
  • Eli Rich as Mick
  • Phil Bock as Rhino
  • Ty Randolph as Brenda
  • Louis Rivera as Xavier
  • Danny Sherman as Feador
  • Tim Cavanaugh as Anatoly
  • Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff as Dee Dee
  • Grant Raynham as Louis
  • Andrea Rosen as Helga
  • Todd Greenert as Larry
  • Heidi Paine as Jane
  • Misty Regan as Featured Dancer
  • Rebecca Young as Dancer
  • Lori Lay as Dancer
  • Samantha Swanson as Dancer
  • Jacqualine Godfrey as Dancer
  • Terry Singleterry as Biffy
  • Athena as Ruba
  • Wendy Griffen as Spandex Girl
  • Rhonda Gray as Donna Holiday
  • Edy Williams as Isabella
  • Renee Roque as Salsa Girl
  • Nive Tai as Sunset
  • Niki Levy as Jackie
  • Gail Harris as Midge
  • Brooke Morales as Bikini Girl
  • Becky LeBeau as Melanie
  • Kim Scolari as Lulu
  • Caroline Lomas as Caroline
  • Lyn O'Connor as Antoinette
  • Meg Thayer as Girl in Kitchen
  • Debi Diamond as Pool Girl
  • Becca Beaufait as Pool Girl
  • Rhonda Selesnow as Donna Holiday



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