Observe and Report
Observe and Report
Directed By Jody Hill
Written By Jody Hill
Cast Seth Rogen, Anna Faris, Michael Pena, Ray Liotta
Produced By Donald De Line
Film Editing By Zene Baker
Cinematography By Tim Orr
Music By Joseph Stephens

Legendary Pictures, De Line Pictures


United States



Release Date

April 10, 2009


86 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Warner Bros. Pictures

Budget $18,000,000
Gross $26,973,554



  • Seth Rogen as Ronnie
  • Ray Liotta as Detective Harrison
  • Michael Pena as Dennis
  • Collette Wolfe as Nell
  • Anna Faris as Brandi
  • Aziz Ansari as Saddamn
  • Dan Bakkedahl as Mark
  • Jesse Plemons as Charles
  • John Yuan as John Yuen
  • Matthew Yuan as Matt Yuen
  • Celia Weston as Mom
  • Randy Gambill as Pervert
  • Patton Oswalt as Roger
  • Danny McBride as Caucasian Crackhead
  • Alston Brown as Bruce
  • Cody Midthunder as D-Rock
  • Lauren Miller as Girl Employee
  • Debra-Jayne Brown as Female Reporter
  • Rafael Herrera as Janitor
  • Ben Best as Detective Nichols
  • Antonia DeNardo as Hot Clerk
  • Danielle Martin as Young Girl
  • Fran Martone as Psychologist
  • Parker Ewing as Young Girl Shoplifter
  • Amy Baklini as Young Mother
  • Kathryn Dove as Mall Employee
  • Alexandria Morrow as Mall Girl
  • Sandi K Shelby as Frightened Shopper