Olympus Has Fallen
Olympus Has Fallen
Directed By Antoine Fuqua
Written By Creighton Rothenberger, Katrin Benedikt
Cast Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Robert Forster, Ashley Judd
Produced By Gerard Butler, Mark Gill, Alan Siegel
Film Editing By John Refoua
Cinematography By Conrad W. Hall
Music By Trevor Morris

Millennium Films


United States


English, Korean

Release Date

March 22, 2013


119 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By


Budget $70,000,000
Gross $161,025,640



  • Gerard Butler as Mike Banning
  • Aaron Eckhart as Benjamin Asher
  • Morgan Freeman as Allan Trumbull
  • Angela Bassett as Lynne Jacobs
  • Rick Yune as Kang Yeonsak
  • Dylan McDermott as Dave Forbes
  • Finley Jacobsen as Connor Asher
  • Melissa Leo as  Ruth McMillan
  • Radha Mitchell as Leah Banning
  • Robert Forster as Edward Clegg
  • Cole Hauser as Agent Roma
  • Ashley Judd as Margaret Asher
  • Phil Austin as Charlie Rodriguez
  • James Ingersoll as Joe Hoenig
  • Freddy Bosche as Agent Diaz
  • Lance Broadway as Agent O'Neil
  • Tory Kittles as Agent Jones
  • Sean O'Bryan as Ray Monroe
  • Keong Sim as Lee Tae-Woo
  • Kevin Moon as Cho
  • Malana Lea as Lim
  • Sam Medina as Yu



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