Operation Bikini
Operation Bikini
Directed By Anthony Carras
Written By John Tomerlin
Cast Frankie Avalon, Tab Hunter, Scott Brady, Gary Crosby
Produced By Samuel Z. Arkoff, Lou Rusoff, James H. Nicholson
Film Editing By Anthony Carras, Homer Powell
Cinematography By Gil Warrenton
Music By Les Baxter

United States



Release Date

March 26, 1963


77 Minutes

Distributed By

American International Pictures



  • Tab Hunter as Morgan Hayes
  • Frankie Avalon as Joseph Malzone
  • Scott Brady as Capt. Emmett Carey
  • Jim Backus as Ed Fennelly
  • Gary Crosby as Floyd Givens
  • Michael Dante as William 'Bill' Fourtney
  • David Landfield as Jim Cale
  • Jody McCrea as William Sherman
  • Aki Aleong as Ronald Davayo
  • Eva Six as Reiko
  • Nancy Dusina as Roxanne
  • Judy Lewis as Dream Siren
  • Alicia Li as Third Native Girl
  • Tony Scott as CPO Perez
  • Vernon Scott as Seaman Fowler
  • William Shatner as Narrator
  • Raynum K. Tsukamoto as Kawai
  • Lan Nam Tuttle as Mika



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