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The Osterman Weekend
The Osterman Weekend
Directed By Sam Peckinpah
Screenplay By Alan Sharp
Cast Rutger Hauer, Dennis Hopper, Craig T. Nelson, John Hurt
Produced By William N. Panzer, Peter S. Davis
Film Editing By Edward M. Abroms, David Rawlins
Cinematography By John Coquillon
Music By Lalo Schifrin

United States



Release Date

October 14, 1983


103 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

20th Century Fox

Gross $6,500,000



  • Rutger Hauer as John Tanner
  • John Hurt as Lawrence Fassett
  • Dennis Hopper as Richard Tremayne
  • Craig T. Nelson as Bernie Osterman
  • Meg Foster as Ali Tanner
  • Chris Sarandon as Joseph Cardone
  • Helen Shaver as Virginia Tremayne
  • Cassie Yates as Betty Cardone
  • Sandy McPeak as Walter Stennings
  • Burt Lancaster as Maxwell Danforth



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