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Outside Providence
Outside Providence
Directed By Michael Corrente
Screenplay By Michael Corrente, Peter Farrelly, Robert Farrelly
Cast Shawn Hatosy, Amy Smart, Alec Baldwin, Jesse Leach
Produced By Michael Corrente, Peter Farrelly, Robert Farrelly, Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein
Film Editing By Kate Sanford
Cinematography By Richard Crudo
Music By Sheldon Mirowitz

Conundrum Entertainment


United States



Release Date

September 1, 1999


96 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Miramax Films

Budget $7,302,522
Gross $7,000,000



  • Shawn Hatosy as Timothy "Dildo" Dunphy
  • Amy Smart as Jane Weston
  • Alec Baldwin as Old Man Dunphy
  • Jon Abrahams as Drugs Delaney
  • Jonathan Brandis as Mousy
  • Adam LaVorgna as Tommy the Wire
  • Jesse Leach as Decenz
  • Gabriel Mann as Jack Wheeler
  • Jack Ferver as Irving "Jizz" Waltham
  • Richard Jenkins as Barney
  • Mike Cerrone as Cavwich
  • George Wendt as Joey
  • Eric Brown as English Teacher
  • Timothy Crowe as Mr. Funderburk



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