Oz the Great and Powerful
Oz the Great and Powerful
The land you know. The story you don't.
Directed By Sam Raimi
Screenplay By David Lindsay-Abaire, Mitchell Kapner
Cast James Franco, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz, Zach Braff
Produced By Joe Roth
Film Editing By Bob Murawski
Cinematography By Peter Deming
Music By Danny Elfman

Curtis-Donen Productions, Walt Disney Pictures, Roth Films


United States



Release Date

March 8, 2013


130 Minutes

Rating PG
Distributed By

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Budget $215,000,000
Gross $493,311,825



  • James Franco as Oscar "Oz" Diggs
  • Mila Kunis as Theodora
  • Rachel Weisz as Evanora
  • Michelle Williams as Glinda the Good Witch of the South, Annie
  • Zach Braff as Finley, Frank
  • Bill Cobbs as The Master Tinker
  • Joey King as China Girl
  • Tony Cox as Knuck
  • Bruce Campbell as Winkie Guard
  • Abigail Spencer as May
  • Tim Holmes as The Strongman
  • Stephen R. Hart as Winkie General
  • Toni Wynne as Strongman's Wife
  • Rob Crites as Firebreather
  • Channing Pierce as Coochie Girl
  • T.J. Jagodowski as Quadling Mayor
  • Deborah Puette as Quadling Baker
  • Julius Kline III as Quadling Scarecrow Maker
  • Theresa Tilly as Quadling Seamstress
  • Sasha Kida Reynolds as Quadling Child
  • Ja'Vonne Cousins as Quadling Child
  • Isabella Sheperd as Quadling Child
  • Victoria Lurz as Quadling Child
  • Stevie Lee Richardson as Munchkin Carriage Driver
  • Mike Estes as Mayor of The Emerald City