PCU 1994
Directed By Hart Bochner
Written By Adam Leff, Zak Penn
Cast Chris Young, Jeremy Piven, David Spade, Jon Favreau
Produced By Paul Schiff
Film Editing By Nicholas C. Smith
Cinematography By Reynaldo Villalobos
Music By Steve Vai

United States



Release Date

April 29, 1994


79 Minutes

Rating PG-13
Distributed By

20th Century Fox

Budget $8,000,000
Gross $4,330,020



  • Chris Young as Tom Lawrence
  • Jeremy Piven as James "Droz" Andrews
  • Alex Desert as Mullaney
  • Jon Favreau as Gutter
  • Megan Ward as Katy
  • Gale Mayron as Cecilia
  • Matthew Brandon Ross as Raji
  • Jake Grace as Dave #1
  • Darin Heames as Dave #2
  • Stivi Paskoski as Deege
  • Jody Racicot as Pigman
  • David Spade as Rand McPherson
  • Kevin Jubinville as Carter Prescott
  • Thomas Mitchell as Bantam Draper
  • Sarah Trigger as Samantha
  • Viveka Davis as Womynist #1
  • Maddie Corman as Womynist #2
  • Jake Busey as Mersh
  • Ted Kosma as Kosmo
  • Theo Caldwell as The Giggler
  • Becky Thyre as Moonbeam
  • Kevin Thigpin as Afrocentrist
  • Rob Gfroerer as Computer Geek
  • Jonathan Wilson as Gay Activist
  • Jessica Walter as President Garcia-Thompson
  • Colin Fox as Trustee #1
  • Larry Reynolds as Trustees #2
  • George Clinton as Himself
  • Parliament-Funkadelic as Themselves



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