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Passenger 57
Passenger 57
Directed By Kevin Hooks
Screenplay By David Loughery, Dan Gordon
Cast Wesley Snipes, Tom Sizemore, Bruce Payne, Elizabeth Hurley
Produced By Dan Paulson, Lee Rich, Dylan Sellers
Film Editing By Richard Nord
Cinematography By Mark Irwin
Music By Stanley Clarke

United States



Release Date

November 6, 1992


84 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Warner Bros. Pictures

Budget $15,000,000
Gross $44,065,653


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  • Wesley Snipes as John Cutter
  • Bruce Payne as Charles Rane
  • Tom Sizemore as Sly Delvecchio
  • Bruce Greenwood as Stuart Ramsey
  • Elizabeth Hurley as Sabrina Ritchie
  • Alex Datcher as Marti Slayton
  • Robert Hooks as Dwight Henderson
  • Michael Horse as Forget
  • Marc Macaulay as Vincent
  • Ernie Lively as Chief Biggs
  • Joel Fogel as Dr. Bauman




Passenger 57 (1992) Official Trailer 1 - Wesley Snipes Thriller01:57

Passenger 57 (1992) Official Trailer 1 - Wesley Snipes Thriller

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