Pinay Pie
Pinay Pie
Directed By Jose Javier Reyes
Screenplay By Jose Javier Reyes
Cast Joyce Jimenez, Assunta De Rossi, Ai Ai de las Alas
Produced By Elma S. Medua, Maricel Santos, Charo Santos-Concio, Malou N. Santos,
Film Editing By Vito Cajili
Cinematography By Ricardo Jose Trofeo
Music By Jesse Lucas

Star Cinema





Release Date

September 3, 2003


110 Minutes

Distributed By

Star Cinema



  • Joyce Jimenez as Karen
  • Assunta De Rossi as Love
  • Ai Ai de las Alas as Yolly
  • Vhong Navarro as Butch
  • Onemig Bondoc as Elmo
  • Rafael Rosell as Artie
  • Jenny Miller as Greta
  • Brad Turvey as Jason
  • Edward Mendez as Jonas
  • Berting Labra as Eming
  • Tiya Pusit as Tarcing
  • Carlo Maceda as George Collins
  • Manny Castaneda as Edward Lucero
  • Vangie Labalan as Ursula
  • Dustin Reyes as Cocoy
  • Pinky Amador as Kelly
  • Kimberly Diaz as Jane
  • Donnah Alcantarah as Carly
  • Raquel Villavicencio as Magda
  • Madeleine Nicolas as Salud
  • Gilleth Sandico as Vangie
  • Jessette Prospero as Mrs. Corpuz
  • Dale Villar as Pageant Host



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