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Poison Ivy: The Secret Society
Poison Ivy The Secret Society
Directed By Jason Hreno
Written By Liz Maverick, Peter Sullivan
Cast Shawna Waldron, Greg Evigan, Miriam McDonald
Produced By Kim Arnott, Kirk Shaw, Lindsay McAdams
Film Editing By Asim Nuraney
Cinematography By Kamal Derkaoui

United States



Release Date

July 28, 2008


95 Minutes

Distributed By

New Line Cinema



  • Shawna Waldron as Azalea Berges
  • Miriam McDonald as Danielle “Daisy” Brooks
  • Ryan Kennedy as Blake Graves
  • Greg Evigan as Andrew Graves
  • Crystal Lowe as Isabel Turner
  • Andrea Whitburn as Magenta Hart
  • Catherine Hicks as Elisabeth Graves
  • Agam Darshi as Nadia
  • Shaina Tianne Unger as Tandra
  • Brendan Penny as Will
  • Bridie Lunde as Christa
  • Michaela Mann as Monique
  • Janet Bailey as Hadrian
  • Lindsay Maxwell as Alexis Baldwin



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