After a duck was suddenly turned into a human girl, she falls for a boy named Myutho and later learns that his heart must be restored. During her task, she learns that there's much more to her mission than it seems.

Princess Tutu
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General Information

Network NHK
No. of Seasons 2
No. of Episodes 26
Start Date August 16, 2002
End Date May 23, 2003
Country Japan
Language Japanese


After the untimely death of an legendary storybook author named Drosselmeyer, on story remained unfinished: "The Prince and the Raven". However, he discovered that the story kept going as his spirit and the characters seeped into reality. Later onward, Drosselmeyer ran into a duck that witnesses the "Prince"'s presence moments after his enemy, The Raven escaped from the story. He changed her into a girl by the name of "Ahiru" (Literally "Duck" in Japanese) with a mysterious pendant and granted her magical powers on a few conditions, including changing back into a duck when she quacks and changing into a human again when she has contact with water. Soon, Ahiru discovers that the prince named "Myutho" was living without a heart and vowed to restore his heart as the magical being, "Princess Tutu" whenever she encounters a heart shard. However, there are multiple forces that vie to stop her, including Myutho's best friend, Fakir and Rue Kuroha, whom happens to be Myutho's girlfriend with surprises of her own...


Ahiru (Princess Tutu)

The main female of the story, and was changed from a duck, to a girl by Drosselmeyer. She can be able to transform into her magical persona, Princess Tutu after her self-agreement to recover the pieces of Myutho's missing heart. She has yet to truly confess her love to him, but there's also a catch to her powers...


The "Prince" of the story and was able to show very little emotion after his heart was shattered during a battle against an enemy of his. His charm and elegance in his appearance and his dancing resulted in becoming Ahiru's love interest.

Rue Kuroha (Princess Kraehe)

Girlfriend of Myutho, whom wants him to only have feelings for her (or lack thereof). When she discovered that Myutho was reclaiming his feelings, she was able to transform into Tutu's rival, Princess Kraehe. Her mission is to keep Princess Tutu from restoring Myutho's heart and emotions.


The mean-spirited best friend of Myutho. He wants Princess Tutu to steer clear of him after learning that she was tampering with Myutho's feelings.


The supposedly deceased writer of the story, whose spirit can control the story that has leaked into the real world. He vows to finish "The Prince and the Raven" within his own terms.

Episode Guide

Note: Most of the episodes from season 2 were originally in two parts due to their broadcaster's smaller time slots. The pairs were later combined into a full episode for the Japanese and worldwide DVD releases.

Season 1 (Chapter of the Egg)

Season 2

Season 1

# Placeholder Episode Title Air Date
1.01 150px The Duck and The Prince

16 Aug 2002
1.02 150px Pieces of the Heart

23 Aug 2002
1.03 150px A Princess' Oath

30 Aug 2002
1.04 150px Giselle

06 Sep 2002
1.05 150px On the Eve of the Fire Festival

13 Sep 2002
1.06 150px Aurora Dreaming

20 Sep 2002
1.07 150px Raven Princess

27 Sep 2002
1.08 150px The Warrior's Fountain

04 Oct 2002
1.09 150px Black Shoes

11 Oct 2002
1.10 150px Cinderella

18 Oct 2002
1.11 150px La Sylphide

25 Oct 2002
1.12 150px Banquet of Darkness

01 Nov 2002
1.13 150px Swan Lake

08 Nov 2002

Season 2 (Chapter of the Fledgling)

# Placeholder Episode Title Air Date
2.01 150px The Raven

15 Nov 2002 (Part 1)
22 Nov 2002 (Part 2)
2.02 150px Coppelia

29 Nov 2002 (Part 1)
06 Dec 2002 (Part 2)
2.03 150px The Maiden's Prayer

13 Dec 2002 (Part 1)
20 Dec 2002 (Part 2)
2.04 150px Crime and Punishment

10 Jan 2003 (Part 1)
17 Jan 2003 (Part 2)
2.05 150px The Wandering Knight

24 Jan 2003 (Part 1)
31 Jan 2003 (Part 2)
2.06 150px A Midsummer Night's Dream

07 Feb 2003 (Part 1)
14 Feb 2003 (Part 2)
2.07 150px The Forgotten Story

21 Feb 2003 (Part 1)
28 Feb 2003 (Part 2)
2.08 150px The Spinners

07 Mar 2003 (Part 1)
14 Mar 2003 (Part 2)
2.09 150px Crown of Stone

21 Mar 2003 (Part 1)
28 Mar 2003 (Part 2)
2.10 150px Marionette

04 Apr 2003 (Part 1)
11 Apr 2003 (Part 2)
2.11 150px The Prince and the Raven

18 Apr 2003 (Part 1)
25 Apr 2003 (Part 2)
2.12 150px The Dying Swan

02 May 2003 (Part 1)
09 May 2003 (Part 2)
2.13 150px Finale

23 May 2003

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