Prom Night
Prom Night 1980
Directed By Paul Lynch
Written By William Gray, Robert Guza, Jr.
Cast Leslie Nielsen, Jamie Lee Curtis, Anne-Marie Martin
Produced By Peter R. Simpson, Richard Simpson
Film Editing By Brian Ravok
Cinematography By Robert C. New
Music By Paul Zaza, Carl Zittrer

Prom Night Productions, Simcom Limited


United States, Canada



Release Date

July 18, 1980


89 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Avco Embassy Pictures, MCA, Anchor Bay Entertainment, Echo Bridge Entertainment, Synapse Films, Columbia TriStar Home Video, New Line Home Video, Alliance Releasing Home Video, Video Treasures

Budget $1,600,000
Gross $14,796,236


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  • Leslie Nielsen as Mr. Hammond
  • Jamie Lee Curtis as Kim Hammond
  • Casey Stevens as Nick McBride
  • Anne-Marie Martin as Wendy Richards
  • Michael Tough as Alex Hammond
  • Robert A. Silverman as Mr. Sykes
  • Pita Oliver as Vicki
  • David Mucci as Lou Farmer
  • Mary Beth Rubens as Kelly Lynch
  • George Touliatos as Lt. McBride
  • Melanie Morse as Henri-Anne
  • David Bolt as Weller
  • Jeff Wincott as Drew Shinnick
  • David Gardner as Dr. Fairchild
  • Joy Thompson as Jude Cunningham
  • Sheldon Rybowski as Seymour "Slick" Crane
  • Antoinette Bower as Mrs. Hammond
  • Debbie Greenfield as Young Kim
  • Brock Simpson as Young Nick
  • Leslie Scott as Young Wendy