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Psycho Beach Party
Psycho Beach Party
Directed By Robert Lee King
Written By Charles Busch
Cast Lauren Ambrose, Amy Adams, Thomas Gibson, Matt Keeslar
Produced By Virginia Biddle, Jon Gerrans, Marcus Hu, Victor Syrmis
Film Editing By Suzanne Hines
Cinematography By Arturo Smith
Music By Ben Vaughn

New Oz Productions, Red Horse Films


United States, Australia



Release Date

January 23, 2000 (Sundance Film Festival), September 2001 (USA)


95 Minutes

Distributed By

Cinemavault, Strand Releasing, VCL Communications

Budget $1,500,000



  • Lauren Ambrose as Florence "Chicklet" Forrest
  • Thomas Gibson as Kanaka
  • Nicholas Brendon as Starcat
  • Kimberley Davies as Bettina Barnes
  • Matt Keeslar as Lars
  • Charles Busch as Capt. Monica Stark
  • Beth Broderick as Ruth Forrest
  • Danni Wheeler as Berdine
  • Nick Cornish as Yo-Yo
  • Andrew Levitas as Provoloney
  • Amy Adams as Marvel Ann
  • Kathleen Robertson as Rhonda
  • Nicholas D'Agosto as The Counterman



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