The Punisher
The Punisher 1989
Justice with a Vengeance.

If society won't punish the guilty, he will.
Judge. Jury. Executioner. All in a day's work.
The guilty will be punished
If you're innocent, he's just the protection you want...and all the protection you need. But if you're guilty, he gives no warning...and shows no mercy.

Directed By Mark Goldblatt
Written By Robert Mark Kamen, Boaz Yakin
Cast Dolph Lundgren, Louis Gossett Jr., Jeroen Krabbe, Kim Miyori
Produced By Simon Heath, Mace Neufeld, Robert Guralnick
Film Editing By Stephanie Flack, Tim Wellburn
Cinematography By Ian Baker
Music By Dennis Dreith

New World Pictures


Australia, United States



Release Date

October 5, 1989 (West Germany), April 25, 1991 (United States)


89 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

New World Pictures, Artisan Entertainment

Budget $9,000,000



  • Dolph Lundgren as The Punisher
  • Louis Gossett, Jr. as Jake Berkowitz
  • Jeroen Krabbe as Gianni Franco
  • Kim Miyori as Lady Tanaka
  • Bryan Marshall as Dino Moretti
  • Nancy Everhard as Sam Leary
  • Barry Otto as Shake
  • Brian Rooney as Tommy Franco
  • Zoshka Mizak as Tanaka's Daughter
  • Kenji Yamaki as Sato
  • Todd Boyce as Terrone
  • Hirofumi Kanayama as Tomio
  • Lani John Tupu as Laccone
  • Giancarlo Negroponte as Musso
  • Noga Bernstein as Ginny
  • Courtney Keiler as Sophia
  • Emily Nicol as Cathy
  • Cathy Stirk as Catarina
  • May Lloyd as Julie Castle
  • Holly Rogers as Felice Castle
  • Brooke Anderson as Annie Castle




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