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Quarantine 2: Terminal
Quarantine 2 Terminal
Directed By John Pogue
Written By John Pogue
Cast Mercedes Masohn, Josh Cooke, Noree Victoria
Produced By Rui Costa Reis, Roy Lee
Film Editing By William Yeh
Cinematography By Matthew Irving

Vertigo Entertainment, Stage 6 films, Andale Pictures, Third Street Pictures, RCR Media Group


United States



Release Date

June 17, 2011


89 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Sony Pictures

Budget $4,000,000



  • Mattie Liptak as George
  • Mercedes Masohn as Jenny
  • Josh Cooke as Henry
  • Noree Victoria as Shilah
  • Ignacio Sericchio as Ed Ramirez
  • George Back as Ralph Bundt
  • John Curran as Captain Forest
  • Andrew Benator as Willsy
  • Phillip Devona as Niall Britz
  • Lamar Stewart as Preston
  • Bre Blair as Paula
  • Lynn Cole as Bev Stevens
  • Tom Thon as Doc Stevens



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