Quest for Fire
Quest for Fire
Directed By Jean-Jacques Annaud
Screenplay By Gerard Brach
Cast Rae Dawn Chong, Everett McGill, Ron Perlman
Produced By Jacques Dorfmann, John Kemeny, Vera Belmont, Denis Heroux, Michael Gruskoff
Film Editing By Yves Langlois
Cinematography By Claude Agostini
Music By Philippe Sarde

Canada, France, United States


Invented language

Release Date

February 12, 1982


100 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

20th Century Fox

Budget $12,000,000
Gross $55,260,558
Based on The Quest for Fire by J.-H. Rosny



  • Everett McGill as Naoh
  • Ron Perlman as Amoukar
  • Nameer El-Kadi as Gaw
  • Rae Dawn Chong as Ika
  • Gary Schwartz as Rouka
  • Franck-Olivier Bonnet as Aghoo
  • Jean-Michel Kindt as Lakar
  • Kurt Schiegl as Faum
  • Brian Gill as Modoc
  • Terry Fitt as Hourk
  • Bibi Caspari as Gammla
  • Peter Elliott as Mikr
  • Michelle Leduc as Matr
  • Robert Lavoie as Tsor
  • Mohamed Siad Cockei as Ota Otarok
  • Tarlok Sing Seva as Tavawa
  • Lolamal Kapisisi as Firemaker
  • Hassannali Damji as Old Man in Tree



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