Rawhead Rex
Rawhead Rex
Directed By George Pavlou
Written By Clive Barker
Cast David Dukes, Kelly Piper, Niall Toibin, Ronan Wilmot
Produced By Kevin Attew, Don Hawkins
Film Editing By Andy Horvitch
Cinematography By John Metcalfe
Music By Colin Towns

United Kingdom, Ireland



Release Date

April 17, 1987


89 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Empire Pictures



  • David Dukes as Howard Hallenbeck
  • Kelly Piper as Elaine Hallenbeck
  • Ronan Wilmot as Declan O'Brien
  • Niall Toibin as Reverend Coot
  • Niall O'Brien as Detective Inspector Isaac Gissing
  • Hugh O'Conor as Robbie Hallenbeck
  • Cora Venus Lunny as Minty Hallenbeck
  • Heinrich Von Schellendorf as Rawhead Rex
  • Donal McCann as Tom Garron
  • Eleanor Feely as Jenny Nicholson
  • Gladys Sheehan as Ena Benedict
  • Madelyn Erskine as Alice Gibson
  • Gerry Walsh as Dennis McHugh
  • Noel O'Donovan as Mitch Harney



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