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Real Men
Real Men 1987
Directed By Dennis Feldman
Written By Dennis Feldman
Cast James Belushi, John Ritter, Barbara Barrie, Isa Andersen
Produced By Martin Bregman
Film Editing By Malcolm Campbell, Glenn Farr
Cinematography By John A. Alonzo
Music By Miles Goodman

United States



Release Date

September 25, 1987


85 Minutes

Rating PG-13
Distributed By

United Artists



  • Jim Belushi as Nick Pirandello
  • John Ritter as Bob Wilson
  • Barbara Barrie as Mom Pirandello
  • Bill Morey as Millard Cunard
  • Isa Jank as Dolly
  • Gail Barle as Sherry
  • Mark Herrier as Bradshaw
  • Matthew Brooks as Bob Wilson, Jr.
  • Mariah Dobson as Heather Wilson
  • Stephen Corvin as Russian Agent



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