Red Dawn
Red Dawn 1984
Directed By John Milius
Screenplay By John Milius, Kevin Reynolds
Cast Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, Jennifer Grey
Produced By Sidney Beckerman, Buzz Feitshans
Film Editing By Thom Noble
Cinematography By Ric Waite
Music By Basil Poledouris

United Artists


United States


English, Russian, Spanish

Release Date

August 10, 1984


114 Minutes

Rating PG-13
Distributed By

MGM/UA Entertainment Co.

Budget $4,200,000
Gross $38,376,497



  • Patrick Swayze as Jed Eckert
  • Charlie Sheen as Matt Eckert
  • Harry Dean Stanton as Tom Eckert
  • C. Thomas Howell as Robert Morris
  • Roy Jenson as Samuel Morris
  • Lea Thompson as Erica Mason
  • Jennifer Grey as Toni Mason
  • Ben Johnson as Jack Mason
  • Darren Dalton as Daryl Bates
  • Lane Smith as Mayor Bates
  • Doug Toby as Arturo "Aardvark" Mondragon
  • Pepe Serna as Mr. Mondragon
  • Brad Savage as Danny Bates
  • Frank McRae as Mr. Teasdale
  • Vladek Sheybal as Gen. Bratchenko
  • Ron O'Neal as Ernesto Bella
  • William Smith as Col. Strelnikov
  • Powers Boothe as Andrew "Andy" Tanner
  • Radames Pera as Stepan Gorsky



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