Red State
Red State 2011
Directed By Kevin Smith
Written By Kevin Smith
Cast Michael Parks, Melissa Leo, John Goodman, Kerry Bishe
Produced By Jonathan Gordon
Film Editing By Kevin Smith
Cinematography By Dave Klein

The Harvey Boys


United States



Release Date

September 23, 2011


88 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

SModcast Pictures, Lionsgate

Budget $4,000,000



  • Michael Parks as Pastor Abin Cooper
  • John Goodman as Special Agent Keenan
  • Melissa Leo as Sarah Cooper
  • Kyle Gallner as Jarod
  • Kerry Bishe as Cheyenne
  • Michael Angarano as Travis
  • Nicholas Braun as Billy Ray
  • Ralph Garman as Caleb
  • Stephen Root as Sheriff Wynan
  • James Parks as Mordechai
  • Haley Ramm as Maggie
  • Kevin Pollak as Special Agent Brooks
  • Matt L. Jones as Deputy Pete
  • Kevin Alejandro as Tactical Agent Harry
  • Anna Gunn as Travis' Mother
  • Betty Aberlin as Abigail
  • Marc Blucas as ATF Sniper
  • Elizabeth Tripp as Melanie
  • Jennifer Schwalbach Smith as Esther
  • Molly Livingston as Fiona May
  • Kaylee DeFer as Dana
  • Alexa Nikolas as Jesse



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