Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical
Reefer Madness The Movie Musical
Directed By Andy Fickman
Screenplay By Kevin Murphy, Dan Studney
Cast Kristen Bell, Neve Campbell, Christian Campbell
Produced By Kevin Murphy, Dan Studney, Andy Fickman
Film Editing By Jeff Freeman
Cinematography By Jan Kiesser
Music By Dan Studney, Nathan Wang, David Manning

Dead Old Man Productions


United States, Germany, Canada



Release Date

April 16, 2005


108 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By


Budget $25,000,000



  • Kristen Bell as Mary Lane
  • Christian Campbell as James Fenimore "Jimmy" Harper
  • Alan Cumming as Lecturer, Moloch the Goat-Man, FDR
  • Steven Weber as Jack Stone, George Washington
  • Ana Gasteyer as Mae Coleman
  • John Kassir as Ralph Wiley, Uncle Sam
  • Amy Spanger as Sally DeBanis, Statue of Liberty
  • Neve Campbell as Miss Poppy
  • Robert Torti as Jesus
  • Abraham Jedidiah as Dead Old Man
  • Christine Lakin as Joan of Arc
  • John Mann as Satan
  • Harry S. Murphy as Warden Harrah
  • Tom Arntzen as Officer D.J. Sordelet
  • Ken Kirzinger as Agent Matthews
  • Chang Tseng as Asian Man
  • Kevin McNulty as Mayor Harris Macdonald
  • Stephen Sisk as Blumsack
  • Robert Clarke as Principal Poindexter Short
  • Lynda Boyd as Mrs. Deidre Greevey
  • Ruth Nichol as Mrs. Roxanne MacDonald
  • Michael Goorjian as Mickey Druther



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