Remarkable Power
Remarkable Power
Directed By Brandon Beckner
Written By Brandon Beckner, Scott Sampila
Cast Tom Arnold, Kevin Nealon, Evan Peters, Kip Pardue
Produced By Scott Sampila, Mykel Denis
Film Editing By Eric Archer
Cinematography By Damian Acevedo
Music By Tony Tisdale

United States



Release Date

January 26, 2008


91 Minutes

Rating R



  • Tom Arnold as Van Hagen
  • Kevin Nealon as Jack West
  • Evan Peters as Ross
  • Nora Zehetner as Athena
  • Kip Pardue as Preston
  • Dule Hill as Reggie
  • Whitney Able as Candy
  • Jordan Belfi as Skip
  • Sandra Hess as Cynthia West
  • Jack Plotnick as Moses
  • Johnny Messner as Doug Wade
  • Bob Sapp as Tiny
  • Christopher Titus as JP Zahn
  • Steve Vinovich as Bill
  • Lisa Arturo as Trish
  • Jason Cottle as Ed Vega
  • Ed Ackerman as Detective Shaver
  • C.J. Byrnes as Detective Mack



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