Return from Witch Mountain
Return from Witch Mountain
Sinister Forces From This World Against Two Young Space Travellers From Another.
Directed By John Hough
Written By Malcolm Marmorstein
Cast Kim Richards, Ike Eisenmann, Bette Davis, Christopher Lee
Produced By Kevin Corcoran, Ron Miller, Jerome Courtland
Film Editing By Bob Bring
Cinematography By Frank V. Phillips
Music By Lalo Schifrin

Walt Disney Productions


United States



Release Date

March 10, 1978


94 Minutes

Rating G
Distributed By

Buena Vista Distribution



  • Bette Davis as Letha Wedge
  • Christopher Lee as Dr. Victor Gannon
  • Kim Richards as Tia Malone
  • Ike Eisenmann as Tony Malone
  • Jack Soo as Mr. "Yo-Yo" Yokomoto
  • Anthony James as Sickle
  • Richard Bakalyan as Eddie
  • Ward Costello as Mr. Clearcole
  • Christian Juttner as Dazzler
  • Brad Savage as Muscles
  • Poindexter as Crusher
  • Jeffrey Jacquet as Rocky
  • Stu Gilliam as Dolan
  • Tom Scott as Monitor
  • Helene Winston as Dowager
  • Denver Pyle as Uncle Bene
  • Brian Part as Goon
  • Pierre Daniel as Goon



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