The Return of the Living Dead
The Return of the Living Dead
Directed By Dan O'Bannon
Screenplay By Dan O'Bannon
Cast Clu Gulager, James Karen, Linnea Quigley, Don Calfa
Produced By Graham Henderson, Tom Fox
Film Editing By Robert Gordon
Cinematography By Jules Brenner
Music By Matt Clifford, Francis Haines

Cinema 84, Hemdale Film, Fox Films Ltd.


United States



Release Date

August 16, 1985


91 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Orion Pictures, HBO Video, Image Entertainment, MGM/UA Home Entertainment, Second Sight Films, Tartan Video, Vestron Video International, Weintraub Entertainment Group

Budget $4,000,000
Gross $14,237,880



  • Clu Gulager as Burt Wilson
  • James Karen as Frank
  • Don Calfa as Ernie Kaltenbrunner
  • Thom Mathews as Freddy
  • Beverly Randolph as Tina
  • John Philbin as Chuck
  • Jewel Shepard as Casey
  • Miguel A. Nunez Jr. as Spider
  • Brian Peck as Scuz
  • Linnea Quigley as Trash
  • Mark Venturini as Suicide
  • Jonathan Terry as Colonel Glover
  • Allan Trautman as Tarman



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