Return of the Living Dead: Rave from the Grave
Return of the Living Dead Rave from the Grave
Directed By Ellory Elkayem
Written By Aaron Strongoni, William Butler
Cast Cory Hardrict, Jenny Mollen, Peter Coyote, John Keefe
Produced By Steve Scarduzio, Anatoly Fradis
Film Editing By James Coblentz
Cinematography By Thomas L. Callaway
Music By Aimee-Lynn Chadwick, Robert Duncan, Ralph Rieckermann

Aurora Entertainment, Denholm Trading Inc., Castel Film Romania


United States



Release Date

October 15, 2005


86 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Denholm Trading Inc., Sci-Fi Channel



  • Cory Hardrict as Cody
  • John Keefe as Julian Garrison
  • Jenny Mollen as Jenny
  • Peter Coyote as Uncle Charles
  • Claudiu Bleonț as Aldo Serra
  • Sorin Cocis as Gino
  • Cain Mihnea Manoliu as Jeremy
  • George Dumitrescu as Artie
  • Maria Dinulescu as Shelby
  • Catalin Paraschiv as Skeet
  • Aimee-Lynn Chadwick as Becky
  • Radu Romaniuc as Brett
  • Sebastian Marina as Dartagnan
  • Violeta Aldea as Rainbow
  • Ricky Dandel as Coach Savini
  • Allan Trautman as Tarman



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