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Revenge of the Creature
Revenge of the Creature
Directed By Jack Arnold
Written By William Alland
Screenplay By Martin Berkeley
Cast John Agar, Lori Nelson, Clint Eastwood, John Bromfield
Produced By William Alland
Film Editing By Paul Weatherwax
Music By Henry Mancini

United States



Release Date

May 13, 1955


82 Minutes

Distributed By

Universal Pictures

Gross $1,100,000



  • John Agar as Prof. Clete Ferguson
  • Lori Nelson as Helen Dobson
  • John Bromfield as Joe Hayes
  • Nestor Paiva as Lucas
  • Grandon Rhodes as Jackson Foster
  • Dave Willock as Lou Gibson
  • Robert Williams as George Johnson
  • Charles Cane as Police Captain
  • Ricou Browning as Gill-Man (Underwater)
  • Tom Hennesy as Gill-Man (Land)
  • Patsy Lee Beery as Girl Necking in Car
  • Clint Eastwood as Lab Technician



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