RoboCop 2014
Directed By Jose Padilha
Screenplay By Joshua Zetumer
Cast Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson
Produced By Marc Abraham, Eric Newman
Film Editing By Daniel Rezende, Peter McNulty
Cinematography By Lula Carvalho
Music By Pedro Bromfman

Strike Entertainment


United States



Release Date

February 12, 2014


118 Minutes

Rating PG-13
Distributed By


Budget $130,000,000
Gross $239,282,279


An American science-fiction action film that is a remake of the 1987 Robocop film with the same title.  It also serves as a reboot of the entire Robocop franchise.



  • Joel Kinnaman as RoboCop
  • Gary Oldman as Dr. Dennett Norton
  • Michael Keaton as Raymond Sellars
  • Abbie Cornish as Clara Murphy
  • Jackie Earle Haley as Rick Mattox
  • Michael K. Williams as Jack Lewis
  • Jennifer Ehle as Liz Kline
  • Jay Baruchel as Tom Pope
  • Marianne Jean-Baptiste as Karen Dean
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Patrick "Pat" Novak
  • Aimee Garcia as Jae Kim
  • Douglas Urbanski as Mayor Durant
  • John Paul Ruttan as David Murphy
  • Patrick Garrow as Antoine Vallon
  • K.C. Collins as Andre Daniels
  • Daniel Kash as John Lake
  • Zach Grenier as Senator Hubert Dreyfuss
  • Maura Grierson as Kelly
  • Stewart Arnott as Senate House Leader
  • Matt Cooke as General Monroe
  • Steve Cumyn as Ohio Senator
  • Noorin Gulamgaus as Navid
  • Marjan Neshat as Sayeh
  • Meysam Motazedi as Arash
  • Khaliya Hosein as Iranian Child
  • Savana Hosein as Iranian Child
  • Philip Akin as Dr. Alan
  • Paul Haywood as Man in White Coat
  • Adrian Griffin as Man in White Coat
  • Rick Hughes as Man in White Coat
  • Raffi Altounian as Man with Prosthetics Playing Guitar
  • Melanie Scrofano as Wife of Man with Prosthetics
  • Kelvin Wheeler as Old Sergeant
  • Alex Mallari Jr. as Young Lieutenant
  • Dwayne McLean as Thomas King
  • Tattiawna Jones as Mayor's Assistant
  • Wayne Downer as Marcus
  • Robert Thomas as John Biggs
  • Jordan Johnson-Hinds as Jerry White



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