Rosemary's Baby
Rosemary's Baby 1968
Directed By Roman Polanski
Screenplay By Roman Polanski
Cast Mia Farrow, John Cassavetes, Ruth Gordon, Maurice Evans
Produced By William Castle
Film Editing By Sam O'Steen, Bob Wyman
Cinematography By William A. Fraker
Music By Krzysztof Komeda

United States



Release Date

June 12, 1968


136 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Paramount Pictures

Budget $3,200,000
Gross $33,395,426



  • Mia Farrow as Rosemary Woodhouse
  • John Cassavetes as Guy Woodhouse
  • Ruth Gordon as Minnie Castevet
  • Sidney Blackmer as Roman Castevet
  • Maurice Evans as Hutch
  • Ralph Bellamy as Dr. Abraham Sapirstein
  • Charles Grodin as Dr. Hill
  • Patsy Kelly as Laura-Louise
  • Angela Dorian as Terry Gionoffrio
  • Elisha Cook as Mr. Nicklas
  • Hanna Landy as Grace Cardiff
  • Philip Leeds as Dr. Shand
  • Hope Summers as Mrs. Gilmore
  • D'Urville Martin as Diego
  • Marianne Gordon as Rosemary's Girlfriend
  • Wendy Wagner as Rosemary's Girlfriend
  • Tony Curtis as Donald Baumgart (Voice)
  • Clay Tanner as The Devil
  • Walter Baldwin as Mr. Wees
  • Charlotte Boerner as Mrs. Fountain
  • Yvonne Bouvier as Woman in Dream Sequence
  • Carol Brewster as Claudia Comfort
  • Lynn Brinker as Sister Veronica
  • Sebastian Brook as Argyron Stavropoulos
  • Florence Clayton as Woman in Dream Sequence
  • Gordon Connell as Allen Stone
  • Pearl S. Cooper as Woman in Dream Sequence
  • Joyce Davis as Dee Bertillon
  • Michel Gomez as Pedro
  • Ann Graeff as Woman in Dream Sequence
  • Jean Inness as Sister Agnes
  • Mona Knox as Mrs. Byron
  • Michael Larrain as Ted Wendell
  • Louise Lawson as Portia Haynes
  • Geoffrey Norman as Mike
  • Patricia O'Neal as Mrs. Wees
  • Gale Peters as Rain Morgan
  • Benito Prezia as Renato
  • George R. Robertson as Lou Comfort
  • Almira Sessions as Mrs. Sabatini
  • Viki Vigen as Lisa
  • Eleanore Vogel as Woman in Dream Sequence
  • Frank White as Hugh Dunstan
  • Adele Wynn as Carole Wendell



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