Roslin Frey
Roslin Frey - GoT
General Information

Gender Female
Birthday Unknown
Race Human
TV Show Game of Thrones
Credit Alexandra Dowling


Daughter of Walder Frey. She is wed to Edmure Tully.


Roslin Frey is one of the many daughters of Walder Frey. In season 2 of the series, Walder Frey had received word from Robb Stark that he would marry Roslin in exchange for the use of Walder Frey's bridge and his men to help win the Stark's war against the Lannisters. However, Robb had gone back on his word by marrying another woman named Talisa. Later, Robb would turn to Walder Frey after he is losing the war. After receiving assurances from Tywin Lannister, Walder Frey agrees to kill Robb and his mother. Walder Frey then falsely agrees to reform Robb's agreement with him if Roslin weds Edmure Tully.

Major Plots

Season 3

Roslin appears for the first time at her wedding. Before her marriage to Edmure, he was very nervous that he was going to marry an ugly bride. To his relief, Roslin was very beautiful and his fears subsided. He married her without a second thought. Then at the wedding reception, she and Edmure are carried off into another room for the bedding ceremony. While she is with Edmure, Walder Frey has his men kill Robb, his mother and the Stark bannermen.

Personality and Traits

Unlike many of her siblings, Roslin is considered very beautiful and many who saw her were surprised at how beautiful she was compared to Walder Frey's other children. Not much is known about Roslin Frey's personality since she does not speak much in the series. However, it can be said that she is an obedient daughter since she agreed to be married to Edmure for her father.



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