Rumble in the Bronx
Rumble in the Bronx
Directed By Stanley Tong
Written By Edward Tang, Fibe Ma
Cast Jackie Chan, Francoise Yip, Marc Akerstream, Anita Mui
Produced By Barbie Tung, Roberta Chow, Raymond Chow, Leonard Ho
Film Editing By Peter Cheung
Cinematography By Jingle Ma
Music By J. Peter Robinson, Nathan Wong

Hong Kong



Release Date

January 21, 1995


106 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Golden Harvest

Budget $7,500,000
Gross $32,392,047



  • Jackie Chan as Ma Hon Keung
  • Anita Mui as Elaine
  • Francoise Yip as Nancy
  • Bill Tung as Uncle Bill Ma
  • Marc Akerstream as Tony
  • Garvin Cross as Angelo
  • Morgan Lam as Danny
  • Kris Lord as White Tiger
  • Carrie Cain Sparks as Whitney Ma
  • Elliot Ngok as Wah
  • Eddy Ko as Prospective Market Buyer
  • Emil Chau as Ice Cream Salesman
  • Alex To as Ice Cream Customer
  • Jamie Luk as Steven Lo
  • Ailen Sit as Tony's Gang Member
  • Chan Man Ching as Tony's Gang Member



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