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Sabrina Collins
Sabrina Collins
General Information

Gender Female
Race Human
TV Show Raising Hope
Credit Shannon Woodward


Sabrina is a daughter of a wealthy family, and she chose to work at a convenience store called Howdy's and be independent. She has a boyfriend living in New York.


Major Plots

Season 1

Halloween Party

Sabrina takes Jimmy to a Halloween party where Sabrina is Robin and Jimmy is Batman. When Sabrina got drunk, she mistakes Jimmy for her boyfriend, and the two kiss.

Valentines Day

Sabrina goes and see a play that was set up by Jimmy and his family. In the play, Sabrina learns Jimmy's true feelings for her.

Season 3

On the day of Sabrina's grandmother's funeral, she learns that her grandmother give Sabrina the house, so Sabrina can start having a family. While Virginia helps Sabrina with acting, Jimmy works up the courage to propose to Sabrina. Despite that Jimmy and Sabrina's mother kiss 7 years ago, Sabrina accepts Jimmy, and the two get engage.

Personality and Traits



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